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  • US Embassy in Kabul

    Embassy Mailing Address

    Embassy of the United States
    Kabul, Afghanistan

    Tel: (00 93) (20)  230-0436
    Fax: (00 93) (20) 230-1364

    Kabul is the capital city of Afghanistan. Afghanistan is located in the South Central Asia. This is a landlocked nation. The climate here is harsh.

    The geographic location of Afghanistan gave it the name the Crossroads of Asia;. Kabul is famous for parks, museums, mausoleums and mosques. Kabul is a place of historical importance. The main cultural sites in Kabul are Afghan national museum, Mausoleum of Emperor Babur, the mausoleum of Nadir Khan and the huge Id Gah Mosque. Kabul City Centre, the first shopping mall of Kabul, are the other places of interest here.

    The significant source of investment capital of United States influences the economies of other nations. The form of government in the United States is a federal republic with two legislative houses.

    The head of the state and government of United States is the president. And there are no particular official language and official religion in the United States. United States is a place that is rich in culture and heritage. The US constitution is considered to be the world’s oldest written national constitution.

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