US Embassy in Ankara

US Embassy in Ankara

The flag of TurkeyAnkara is renowned capital of turkey second largest city and subsequent to Istanbul. Ankara has 5,153,000 inhabitants, and also formerly known as Angora. Ankara is a significant industrial and commercial city and centrally located in Anatolia.

Ankara is the house of all foreign embassies and major focus of Turkey. As the niche of government, Ankara is serving as the main house for administrators, civil servants and politicians. Turkey military also resides in Ankara. The official language of Ankara is Turkish as the national language. The major part of populace follows the custom of Sunni Islam.

In several decades Ankara has worked to organize its enlarging outer edge and also welcome thousands of migrants who disembark from the undeveloped areas. Ankara has also followed ruthless transportation plans to attend to the traffic overcrowding over the city.

Here you will find the contact information of US embassy in Ankara you would need before you travel to us.

Contact details:
110 Atatürk Blvd.
Kavaklıdere, 06100 Ankara – TURKEY
Phone: (90-312) 455-5555
Fax: (90-312) 467-0019