US Embassy in Singapore

US Embassy in Singapore

flag of singaporeSingapore is not just one island but a main island (land area of 682 square km) with 63 adjoining island.  A city with full of light, which is rich in contrast and colors, pleasant sounding mix together the culture, food, arts and structural design. Singapore is a one of the major dealer of electronic apparatus and an organizer in shipbuilding and maintaining.

It is also the most important financial hub of Asia, with more over 130 banks. Singapore’s planned location, outstanding services, enthralling cultural gap and tourist magnetism give to its accomplishment as a foremost destination for both business and enjoyment. Tourists are mainly come from Indonesia, China, India, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, UK, Thailand, Germany and Vietnam.

The Government had extensive authorities to bound citizen’s rights. The Constitution of Singapore provides for self governing magistrates, and the Government has to respect these terms and decisions. A two tier military court system is also there for all military servicemen, civilians in the Armed Forces, and volunteers.

USA Embassy in Singapore from long time to make the connection of Singapore and US stronger and commonly beneficial.

From last long time Americans are the part of the Singapore picture, and it give the impression of the best in each other. Till 2006, moreover 6,000 Singaporeans are migrated for work or advanced study in the United State, and at the same time approximate 20,000 Americans are in Singapore adding to its rich social and cultural life.

Embassy’s contact details:
American Embassy

27 Napier Road
Singapore 258508
Main Tel. No: (65) 6476-9100
Main Fax No: (65) 6476-9340